Essen & Trinken

Enjoy your meal!

Forget cooking for once, it's full board here. Our lavish buffets have fresh bread, tasty dishes and crisp salads. Please inform us of any religious or health-related dietary requirements in advance.

Meals include:

Breakfast: Choose from our wide range of breakfast items:

  • various types of bread and rolls
  • butter
  • at least two types of spread, e.g. jam, honey, nut/nougat cream (varies)
  • coffee, tea, hot chocolate, milk
  • cereals
  • cold meats, cheeses, fresh fruit and/or vegetables
  • yoghurt and/or quark and/or cream cheese
  • juice

You can expect:
  • drinks
  • starter or soup
  • main meal
  • dessert
Please note than you can choose not to have a starter for lunch and instead have a larger main. Here we serve more salads and fresh seasonal vegetables.

Evening meal: Our evening buffet includes:
  • bread
  • butter
  • a choice of raw vegetables and/or salad
  • cold meats
  • cheeses
  • a surprise from the kitchen
  • tea and cold drinks

Packed lunch: Make your own lunch with:
  • bread, rolls
  • dry sausage, egg or meatballs
  • fruit, raw vegetables also available
  • drink
  • sweet

Catering services: Thuringia's Youth Hostels also offer additional catering services, which are billed separately. For example:
  • a second breakfast
  • afternoon coffee
  • grilled foods
  • buffets
  • and much more

Just ask the Youth Hostel managers or staff.

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